Rheumatology Course

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Access: 60 days. | Cost: $200.00 NZD

Jack March is Rheumatology Clinical lead for Chews Health with experience in various advanced roles including Rheumatology and Orthopaedics as well as Advanced Level Physiotherapy in general MSK for Nuffield Health.

Rheumatology conditions often masquerade as musculoskeletal disorders and this means they are likely to present to therapists. In fact, the closer to the start of a patients journey you are the more likely they are to present to you. Research shows there is significant delays to diagnosis and many individuals have seen multiple professionals prior to their condition being recognised.

This course will cover the signs, symptoms and associated conditions that it is necessary to screen for to ensure you don’t miss these presentations. It also covers the pathophysiology, required investigations and interpretation to ensure you are practicing at the highest level.

Included is the management of these conditions from a therapist viewpoint, this will enable you to manage the patients appropriately either directly or as a guiding referrer. 

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