Shoulder Screening

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Shoulder Screening Course

In this course you will learn how to systematically work through a process of screening the patient for red flags, other causes of shoulder pain, obtaining appropriate diagnostic imaging, and then classifying shoulder pain into categories that guide management. 




Red Flags

You will learn to screen for red flag indicators of potentially serious pathology and refer the patient for necessary evaluation within an appropriate time-frame.

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Health Screening

You will learn current health guidelines for alcohol, tobacco and physical activity, and how to screen for risk factors and atypical symptoms and signs of medical conditions that may present with shoulder symptoms.

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Pain and Psychosocial Modifiers

In this module you will learn the pathoaetiology and features of various pain states, including the mechanisms behind persistent pain. You will learn how to screen for and manage psychosocial factors and learn about their relationship to persistent pain.

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Cervical Spine and Neurological Examination

In this module you will learn about the difference between somatic and radicular pain and how to examine the cervical spine to identify local, or referred pain. You will learn the diagnostic features of cervical radiculopathy, how to perform an accurate and thorough neurological examination.

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Shoulder Imaging

In this module you will learn about the strengths and limitations of imaging modalities, indications for imaging, prevalence of imaged pathology and how to read and interpret basic shoulder x-ray views.

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Diagnostic Classification of Shoulder Pain

In this module we cover:

  • Definition of "diagnosis"
  • Types of diagnosis and clinical application
  • Evidence for the diagnosis of shoulder pathology
  • Clinical classification of shoulder conditions

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