The Acromioclavicular Joint | AC Joint Arthropathy

The Acromioclavicular Joint | AC Joint Arthropathy

This is the third lesson in the "Acromioclavicular Joint" Module.



The two most common arthropathies affecting the acromioclavicular joint are osteoarthritis and osteloysis. In this lesson we look at the  differences in the pathoaetiology, diagnosis and management of both these conditions. 

In this lesson, we cover:

  • Pathoaetiology of acromioclavicular joint arthropathy
  • Classification and natural history
  • Clinical and imaging diagnosis
  • Non-surgical management
  • Referral criteria

Learning Activities:

  • Pre-reading article (3)
  • Video presentation (28 mins)
  • Quiz

Study time: 3 - 4 hrs (approx.)


  • The Acromioclavicular Joint
Duration: 30 days
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