Introductory Lessons & Activities Course

The first course in this program of instruction eases you into the online learning environment with videos on  first activities that you need to complete: like downloading the course manual template, introducing yourself to the Course Forum, and downloading the PDFs of the first reading list.

*Compulsory first course 



There are three formal lessons that are essential in understanding the concept of diagnostic triage that is a central part of basic guideline management. The lessons are:

  • Pain drawings and their interpretation
  • Red Flag identification and what these mean
  • The basic neurologic screening examination that is a key part of the physical examination for all patients with back and referral of symptoms into the lower limb

There are two videos to watch. These are of a real patient with persistent low back pain. The first provides detail of the history taking process, and the second is the standard physical examination used throughout this program of instruction.

At the end there is a quiz to test your understanding of the material.

*Compulsory first course 

Study time: 6 hrs (approx.)

Duration: 30 days
Price: NZ$115.00