The Acromioclavicular Joint | Surgical Management & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

The Acromioclavicular Joint | Surgical Management & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

This is the last lesson in the Acromioclavicular Joint Module.



This lesson is comprised of two parts: 

Surgical Management of the Acromioclavicular Joint

Mr Khalid Mohammed (Shoulder and Upper Limb Specialist) presents on "Surgical Management" of theAcromioclavicular Joint: 

This covers:

  • Differential diagnosis of subacromial conditions
  • Indications and interpretation of diagnostic imaging
  • Indications for orthopaedic referral
  • Current evidence for conservative and surgical approaches to management
  • Surgical techniques and outcomes
  • Post-operative rehabilitation considerations

Study time: 1 hour (approx.)

Learning activities include:

  • Pre-reading articles
  • Video presentation

Post-Operative Management of the Rotator Cuff

Dr Angela Cadogan (Physiotherapy Specialist) presents the post-operative rehabilitation of the Acromioclavicular Joint.

This part covers rehabilitation :

  • Phases of healing and repair
  • Rehabilitation principles of immobilisation and load
  • Rehabilitation phases and exercise progressions

Study time: 2 hrs (approx.)

Learning activities include:

  • Pre-reading article
  • Video presentation

Module: The Acromioclavicular Joint.

Duration: 30 days
Price: NZ$120.00