Career Pathways for Physiotherapists

Changes in healthcare service delivery in response to population and workforce changes are seeing the skills of physiotherapists being utilised increasingly within existing medical specialties and other healthcare settings to improve access to services and provide specific diagnostic and rehabilitation expertise.

In this webinar Dr Angela Cadogan will explore the career pathways of three physiotherapists and discuss their current roles.

Hannah Morley (UK) is a First Contact Practitioner, Advanced MSK Practitioner and is currently a Churchill Fellow looking at advanced and extended scope physiotherapy roles around the world. Hannah provides an overview of advanced practice, and extended scope roles in the UK and will discuss her role as a First Contact Practitioner including wider issues such as clinical governance and managing clinical risk.

Monique Baigent (NZ) works in an orthopaedic triage role in the Counties-Manukau DHB in Auckland. Monique discusses how her role evolved, the working relationship with the orthopaedic surgeon, training and supervision in the role, and the extension of the role to include corticosteroid injections.

Sarah Thom (NZ) works in the Primary Contact Service in the Emergency Department at Christchurch Public Hospital. Sarah will discuss the evolution of her role, her key responsibilities, training and supervision and how her role integrates with other hospital and community services.

Screening for Serious Pathology

Laura Finucane and Chris Mercer are Consultant Physiotherapists (UK) with specific expertise in screening for serious spinal, and other pathology.

Both Laura and Chris are involved in supporting national health and professional organisations in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to identification and referral of serious pathology.

With most countries having implemented lockdown measures due to COVID-19, physiotherapists around the world are now seeing patients by video and phone consultations.

The ability to screen for, identify and appropriately refer serious spinal, and other pathologies is critical. This webinar will explore screening for serious spinal pathology and clinical applications of screening relating to other body regions and conditions.

Join us to hear two leading experts discuss: - Managing uncertainty in these challenging times - What are the serious pathologies we need to identify? - What are the symptoms/signs of these conditions? - Prioritisation and referral pathways

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International Framework for Red Flags for
Potential Serious Spinal Pathologies

Telehealth for Physiotherapists

Government Level 4 alert measures for COVID-19 come into effect on 25th March. Physiotherapists will cease face-to-face consultations and telehealth may become the only way of providing continuity of care. We have 24 hours to figure this one out!

I am no expert in telehealth, so I have called on some local and international contacts:

Gloria Paterson (Clinical Lead, Waitemata DHB, NZ)

Amanda Hensman-Crook (Consultant MSK Physio, FCSP, HEE AHP national clinical fellow, UK)

Lesley Holdsworth (Scottish Government Clinical Lead for Digital Health Care)

The panel will talk us through their experience with telehealth and some essentials including:

  • NZ considerations
  • What is telehealth
  • What video platform to use?
  • Insurance issues
  • Which patients are appropriate for telehealth?
  • Maintaining patient privacy 
  • Managing clinical risk
  • How does the consultation work?
  • Documentation for telehealth consultations

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