Demystifying the Paediatric Shoulder

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Recorded Webinar

This webinar was recorded on 15 Sptember 2021.

Cost: $20.00
Access: 7 days
Host: Eloise Carella


Children have specific and unique conditions, growth elements and injuries that make the paediatric shoulder different. We demystify these factors in this webinar. Understanding these fundamental elements will lead to much more effective analysis and management of paediatric patients with shoulder conditions.

The Paediatric shoulder is built on the same principals as you and I but children present with very different conditions and factors that influence how they present. Growth is multifactorial and needs careful alignment with your assessment and management. Reflecting this in your assessment and management is key for success in the Paediatric Shoulder

What will be covered?

  • Why children are different to adults
  • How to assess them and are you prepared?
  • What we do about our findings especially if we don’t know?
  • Specific paediatric musculoskeletal conditions

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the differences between adults and children in MSK
  • Ability to recognise specific childhood variances and how to manage these.
  • Confidence in your assessment and analysis of findings to manage or refer patients appropriately. 

Study time: 1 hour - approximately

Slide handouts and CPD Certificates provided.